RNT 0014 Release.

New Album From DJ Winterman: KNOT EP RNT0014

An album featuring tracks remixed by DJ Winterman including an all new house music tune. This album will only be available for a limited time, featuring DJ Winterman's sought after Baltimore Club Remix of Sing it Back by Moloko, which at this point has eclipsed over 120,000 plays on Youtube. Also in this album:

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus [Gui Borato] [DJ Winterman Remix]
Sporto Kantes - Mundo [DJ Winterman Remix]
The Dream - Fancy [DJ Winterman Remix]
The Foo Fighters - Still/Forever Yours [DJ Winterman Remix]
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls [DJ Winterman Remix]
and Moloko - Sing It Back [DJ Winterman Remix]